1. Private In-Office sessions in either Hillcrest – 3101 4th Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 (mailing address) or Del Mar – 12625 High Bluff Rd. Suite 114, Del Mar, CA 92130. This is often the most effective and valuable way to be taught.
  2. Skype Sessions; Many of my clients either live too far to do office visits or have a typical busy travel schedule of the entrepreneurial lifestyle and Skype is a great way to keep the progress consistent.
  3. Phone sessions are also a valuable alternative at times when shorter check-ins may be needed or when other options are not available.
  4. Zephyr Bio-Harness Work-Up and Bio-Hack validity measurement. Within the first few weeks of us working together, I ask all my clients to wear a chest strap Zephyr bio-harness for a minimum of 24 hours and for at least one night of sleep. This measures several key components of the Central Nervous System including heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, respiration volume (shallow versus deep breathing), recovery rate following stressful events (resilience), and patterns these variables to paint a picture of overall stress in your day to day life. What I teach works and its powerful to have numerical proof.
  5. Spiral Body Scanning Therapy. The unconscious is not some mysterious place that is only accessed through our dreams or mystical free association. 100% of the unconscious is right below your nose, it’s your body. Literally how we psychologically walk through the world is how we physically hold ourselves in our body. Spiral uses the latest in 3D body scan technology to measure alignment, posture, and trauma. Over time changes can be seen that correlate to changes in how you walk through the world. Combined with psychological measures, self-reports, and stress data obtained from the Bio-harness a comprehensive picture of your physical and biological, and psychological well-being can be obtained. A big picture quantified self approach to validate and differentiate what’s working for you. This is not talk therapy.
  6. Dasein Institute: Research Institute exploring the Driven population, specifically the DrD2-A1 and the DrD4-7r allele genomes. The Institute designs and tests unique means of teaching how to hack into the vagus system for this unique population.
  7. Enso Meditation: A teaching and Zen Meditation retreat entity. Hosts bi-annual Zen Sesshins with various teachers from around the world.

Videos to match:

TED talk on the basics of the Quantified Self:


TED talk on the basics of the Left versus Right Hemisphere: