About Us

My fields of study:

Licensed Psychologist; Dual Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Industrial Organizational Psychology.
This is an amazing time to be a psychologist. Started my Master degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology 1991. In the last 25 years the field of psychology has been literally been turned upside down due to the advances in science. Specifically the fMRI, the mapping of the human genome, the field of epigenetics, evolutionary psychology, and combined insights from these fields that has the created insights into the functioning of the human animal.

Areas of Expertise:

Dissertation topic was Self-Sabotage and Self-fulfilling prophecy: How shame/internalized social stigma interacts with environmental factors to predict perceived attachment and satisfaction of the environment you are in.

How specific types of meditation impact the brain, behavior, and psychological aspects of the human experience using empirical research techniques and the fMRI. Over 18,000 studies have been done in the last 20 years exploring the impacts of meditation on the brain, behavior, and emotion.

Evolutionary Psychology: The framework that homo-sapiens can be understood as an interactive and fluid part of the physical, social/cultural, and biological environment they find themselves. We are animals trying to make sense of this very strange reality of consciousness we find ourselves.

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner: This is a three-year intensive training with Peter Levine Ph.D. consisting of tri-annual 4-day trainings that integrates the latest research on the physiological-biological and psychological process of trauma healing and a simple direct approach to therapy.

Somatic Touch Trained: One year intensive with quarterly 4-day trainings. The unconscious is not some mysterious place that exists somewhere other than in the whole body.

Poly Vagal Theory: Stephen Porges proposed that the parasympathetic branch of the central nervous system is actually more complex than originally proposed. Bio-hacking into the “Rest, Restore, and social bonding” side on our parasympathetic brain of the central nervous systems creates greater healing, resilience to stress, and greater productivity.