Dr. Doug Brackmann; The bio-hack shrink.

What: I teach the highly driven to optimize every area of their life.

Why: I have the highly driven personality. Lead me to develop expertise in the causes of the Type A and the addictive personality. Starting at the age of 19 I began working with addicts. Last 10 years exclusively with Highly Driven Entrepreneurs, Elite Special Operations members, and Professional Athletes.

Philosophy of a Teacher and Bio-hacker: To be a good teacher, you must be first and foremost a good student. I am a perpetual student learning constantly. Every client that I accept into my practice is an opportunity to learn. This requires an open non-judging mind and heart. Teaching is an intuitive practice of meeting the client where they are in the present moment. None of my clients are forced into a scripted model of treatment, and this includes myself. What works for you, is what works for you.

Bio-hacking is based on the philosophy that all areas of your life can be improved through curious exploration, documentation, and then making changes in a controlled scientific paradigm. All our biological/social/behaviors can be changed to create improved functioning is all areas of life. My personal experience working with hundreds of clients over the years is combined with the latest research findings in human biology, psychology, evolutionary anthropology to “hack” into our human systems for optimal human performance.